Mission: To help manufacturers...

Greetings Onsite Colleague!

Have you ever thought,  “If I could change one thing about Pennsylvania’s sewage laws I'd...

Your chance to put your words into (potential) implementation is NOW.   Perhaps even better, you are not constrained to just one idea!

I have attached the current sewage facilities act.  This is the LAW that DEP augments with REGULATIONS (Title 25, Chapters, 711, 72, 73) and with GUIDANCE docs.  The Guidance docs are further augmented with postings and letters to SEOs (Dear SEO...).

You are strongly encouraged to write in changes you'd like to see in the Law. Be sure they are eye-catching and stand out!  You can also write out (propose for deletion) things you would like not to see in a future law.  Don't simply remove them, rather highlight them with STRIKE THROUGH so we can tell what you want deleted.

There is a limited window of opportunity...

In exchange for your thoughtful consideration and submittals, I make these promises...

   •   will go forward, as you submit it, to a high level legislative committee that has the power and

        will to change the law
   •   may go to other statutory committees and the Department
   •   will not be traceable to its source (you) unless you insert something that allows the

        connection (watch out for edit tracking in your software).
   •   will not be judged for appropriateness by me

I am doing this in this manner because -
   •  the opportunity is NOW
   •  your input is valuable
   •  there is no other person involved in the process who can or would ask for your input and

      preserve your annonymity
   •  freely giving your input should not give any governmental agency reason to taint any

      relationship it has with you

Act now; the window will not be open long!

Thank you!



Download Act 537 immediately below.


Send your altered file to OnsiteInstitute@verizon.net