Restaurant Owners – Welcome!

If you own, operate, or are responsible for a restaurant, a "production kitchen" in a hotel, resort, retirement facility or group home, a school cafeteria, a bakery, butcher shop, deli or sandwich shop, this page brings important information.


If your situation is described in the first paragraph, you likely rely on a greasetrap to isolate FOG (fats, oil and grease) from the "sewer water" you send down the pipe to the town sewer, a septic system or a privately owned sewer plant.


If you have been fined for too high BOD or TSS levels by the sewer authority for out of spec discharges, this page is for you.


Everything Begins With Understanding
Because it is your establishment, it is your grease, and it is your problem. Now that we have established ownership, let's solve your problem together.


There are two strategies:

  1. Create no grease.  Close down.  NOT!!!
  2. Manage the inescapable grease as cost-effectively as possible.  ABSOLUTELY!!!


There is no way to escape pumping your grease trap.  Let me say it again, "There is no way to escape pumping your grease trap."


Grease accumulation can be diminished for a lot fewer dollars than a pumpout.


With the strategy you will learn about, reducing accumulation also reduces BOD and TSS (technical water quality terms) discharges which, if they get too high, can bring big dollar fines.  Reducing TSS and BOD can be done for a lot fewer dollars than a pumpout.


A Greasetrap Service professional can train you to implement the necessary reduction strategies. In partnership with your service professional, you will also be greening your business, reducing loadings on the sewage treatment system, cutting your operating costs and bulking up your bottom line.



Without O+M+M, Failure is Assured

In this case, failure means increased greasetrap management costs, potential fines and a foul smelling grease trap.  If the trap is inside the building, you likely have a foul smelling dishroom. Some patrons have no idea that the unpleasant smell is the establishment's grease trap – they only know "that order"  will steer them to a different establishment the next time they dine out!

Introducing –

Total System Solution® consumes greasetrap FOG.

This 100% organic product contains no manmade substances. Rather than add lifeforms or enzymes not found in a greasetrap’s naturally occurring ecosystem, it adds nutrients that accelerate the performance and growth of the already present microorganisms.

Total System Solution® yields visible results, reducing the volume of grease that accumulates in the greasetrap between pumpouts. The FOG is digested and converted into water soluble components which move downstream. The problem is not moved, it is digested.

Diminishing grease and sending less of it off-site for processing are important elements in your environmental stewardship efforts. You will be greening your enterprise.


Familiar scenes a professional restaurateur does not want associated with his establishment –

Above LEFT – a greasetrap in a dishroom floor is inspected.  Thick accumulations of grease are noted. Broken, missing and unused  latching hardware prevent the manufacturer's seal from properly seating and sealing. Workers constantly smelled the improperly maintained greasetrap. Total System Solution cannot overcome the effects of poor greasetrap cleaning and faulty equipment.


Above RIGHT – the pump well that receives the discharge from the greasetrap which is shown above at left. The effect of the grinder is to reduce the size of the congealed grease chunks. It cannot make them go away. 


TSS introduced upstream from the greasetrap has had a demonstrable effect on the grease that now does not reach the pump well.

What about my operating costs?

Good, your bottom line is at the top of your concernsas it should be!


First, there will always be a residual portion that is, as intended, sequestered in the greasetrap.  Pumping remains an essential maintenance activity.

Total System Solution® will let you reduce operating costs and keep more of your revenue stream.  Consistent use may reduce pumpout frequency.


Rather than spend your dollars to pay fines for too high BOD or TSS in discharges to sewer lines, invest in a Total System Solution® solution to your grease management problems. 


If your greasetrap discharges to an onsite system, you may also benefit from EcoHancer®.  Your onsite professional can review the situation and guide you.


You may request a NO OBLIGATION referral to an onsite professional using the contact form.  


But what about my employees' safety?

We're glad you thought about this.  We certainly have!


It is more dangerous to use and handle chlorine bleach than Total System Solution®.


Read the MSDS sheet (Pdf download below) to see for yourself.

Total System Solution
The MSDS is a universally used form that presents potential risk and safety information in a consistent manner. It is a government REQUIRED form.
TSS MSDS Sheet.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [129.0 KB]