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Granite State (New Hampshire) Designers & Installers

On March 16, in Manchester, N.H., Gil Longwell was the openiing speaker at  the Association's Conference' general session.  He spoke on Meaningful On-site System Management. Longwell debunked the notion that pumping alone is management and offered his perspetives on the necessary components of a true onsite system management program.


His presentation was built around a case study of a successful inspection, pumping and, where indicated, system repair "management program" in central PA.  He highlighted the benefits of successful public involvement. The public policy issues that are entwined with meaningful management were spotlighted. Longwell introduced participants to "The Rule of Least", gave pointers on picking up rocks and linked the seemingly incompatable concepts of privately owned systems and publically essential infrastructure.

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On-site System Inspections: One Process Several Beneficiaries, were hLongwell's subject for an after lunch breakout session. Using a case study from Pennsylvania, he explored the collision of unintended consequences when non-regulatory inspection reports, usually issued for real estate transactions, are incompatible with the reglator's assessment of the system.


He detailed why regulators and system inspectors must be in full accord regarding the purpose and process for inspections and the conclusions delivered. The essential needs for systematic investigation processes and consistant conclusions based on written standards were stressed.  Removing shaded judgements from inspection reports is essential, Longwell believes. 


Download the presentation below.


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WWETT a/k/a "The Pumper Show"

Protecting Private Enterprise was the focus of Gil Longwell's presentation in the  Business Training and Marketing track at this international event.  Longwell spoke on Monday February 23 at 1:30 in Indianapolis. 


Every onsite system professional delivers publicly essential services that are the subject of ever increasing government oversight and regulation. This session helps participants understand their need to get involved and offers suggestions on how to do it. Longwell will discuss the public policy issues associated with the wastewater management industry.

Participants learned –

  • why public participation is neither optional nor transferrable
  • how to recognize the players
  • why you want to be your legislator’s behind-the-scenes expert
  • how to make your voice heard


Click to read Craig Mandli's report on this presentation on the Treatment Plant Operaors' Blog.

Longwell Addresses Pennsylvania Borough Officials

Gil presents a workshop on Effective Public Involvement to roughly 90 municipal officials from across the Commonwealth at the Annual Conference of the Pennsylvania State Association of Boroughs. The conference was in Hershey, PA. 


Gil believes that a government's successful initiation of a new program (other than a no-strings handout) is directly related to the level and depth of public involvement and ownership of the program.   Contact Gil to discuss a presentation for your group or for consultation on how to achieve your goals while "picking up the rocks."


You do not attend Gil's presentations. He gets you involved.  You participate!

Effective Public Involvemt
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Colorado Professionals In Onsite Wastewater

Gil Longwell made two presentations at the CPOW Annual Education Conference in Denver on January 17 and 18. Both were well received by the 100 plus attendees.

Drain Talk – a weekly talk show providing insights into onsite systems

On Monday, January 7, 2013, I will be joining my colleague, the owner of Ranger Sewer in Long Island on his weekly radio blog Drain Talk. Listen-in and dial-in with your questions at Draintalk.com where you can hear Danny Kleinpeter as he assumes the persona of "Dr. Clog."

Celebrating Achievement – Sharing Success

Recently, Gil helped the Geography and Geosciences Department at Bloomsburg University (it was Bloomsburg State College when he graduated) commemorate the department's fiftieth anniversary. Longwell (on l) participated in a panel discussion on his career experiences with a B.A. in Geography. "I am a generalist, I do not have an "-ologist" degree. This has enabled me to enjoy a diversified career in soils and sewage, solid waste, lowlevel radioactive waste, PA municipal government, organizational management, public speaking, environmental training, planning and writing."  Undergraduates who sat in were able to ask questions to a diverse group of grads who represented four of the department's five decades of succeessful, expanding progress.

Longwell was asked about his involvement in parallel, yet non-classroom based activities at the University. He explained how co-chairing (with Carol Magee) the first-ever Earth Day events at Bloomsburg, and membership in Gamma Theta Upsilon (geography honor society) contributed to leadership skill building.

Now retired, Dr. Brian Johnson, one of Longwell's instructors, sat in on the discusson and the two had a chance to renew acquaintances. 


A few years ago, Longwell collaborated on a GIS research project with Dr. Jeff Brusnkill.  The challenge for the students was to identify the daily-changing "waste shed" of municipal sewage treatment plants.  The shed, (actually a "septage shed") is described by septic tank pumpers's daily routes and dumping practices. The study results were published in the Borough News magazine.


Other panelists brought the perspectives of hydrogeologist, petroleum geologist and county planner.  Dr. Dale Ann Springer, the current department chair, helped plan the event and she facillitated the discussion.

Meaningful Public Involvement for Onsite Professionals and Homeowners

The Onsite institute's Gil Longwell recently presented a session on "Meaningful Public Involvement for Onsite Professionals and Homeowners."  This session's dual thrust details the essential need to overcome resistance using Longwell's concept of "enlightened self interest."  First, homeowners resistance to mandatory management can be overcome when they understand how "doing the right thing" can protect or increase the value of their property. This concept is of equal importance to onsite professionals who find their businesses impacted by regulatory burdens which serve no environmental purpose.  Both groups must speak out to assure that well intentioned regulations do not place non-goal oriented burdens on their respective interests.

Homeowners, Expose Yourself to Onsite System Knowledge!

Success!! at the recent Homeowners' FREE Septic System Workshop

Recently, Dr. Septic and Gil Longwell presented a Homeowners' Septic Tank System Care Workshop at the Daytona Beach Regional Library. Homeowner participants' evaluation forms indicated that quality, on-target information was delivered.






Dr. Septic (Albert Royster) delivers onsite system informtion to homeowners.


Florida homeowners with inquiring minds should hold these dates for more exciting Dr. Septic onsite system training!  Always educational, always valuable, always free, homeowner sessions can change the way you look at your onsite system!



Before the session began, Albert shared an onsite system artifact with Gil Longwell.  "This section of pipe and the root that completely fills it were recovered from a nearby onsite system's absorption area," says Albert.  "This teaching tool even made it through airport security to traveled with me to Hawaii."