Onsite Institute - DEP Recognized SEO Training Provider

The Onsite Institute has been recognized as a PA DEP Approved (Training) Sponsor. PA's DEP approves sponsors to deliver Sewage Enforcement Officer training.

Training Sponsors handle the logistics of training delivery. From site selection to promotion to onsite logistics to attendance validation and CEU documentation through CEU archiving are all sponsor tasks. 

DEP also approves course content and delivery methods.  These training products are labeled “Approved SEO Training.”

Once a product or technology achieves DEP “permitablity approval”, the manufacturer faces two challenges. Training SEOs to become qualified (in DEP’s eyes) to issue product or technology-specific permits is the first hurdle.  Driving product demand by educating designers, installers and their respective customers is the second.  Both are critical and somewhat overlapping.

Manufacturers are obvious potential course developers - seeking Approved SEO Training status. These are not tasks most manufactures readily seek let alone embrace.

The Onsite Institute can provide course development, collateral material development and trainer identification and preparation so that manufacturers can focus on what they do best – manufacturer products.  Concurrent and coordinated development of SEO and installer training products assures that proper field techniques are incorporated in training for both audiences.

Innovative delivery strategies that meet evolving manufacturer and trainee demand and need make the Onsite Institute a logical partner for all training related tasks.

Traditional strategies for association-delivered  training are also available through the Onsite Institute.  Contact the Onsite Institute today at 717-730-9300.





Representative Maloney "Got It!!

Read ACT 41 (formerly HB 1325)
HB 1325.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [56.5 KB]


I offer a toast to all who voted for the bill and to the Governor for signing it into law.  This is a fine example of how legislation, without any corporate special interest trying to gain advantage, can sail through the General Assembly.  There was no wealthy special interest in the mix, just the interests of mere mortals, i.e., common everyday landowners and tax payers who needed some relief.  Thanks to Rep. Maloney, they got it!

Director Honored

Onsite Institute Director, Gil Longwell, was recently honored by the PA Association of Sewage Enforcement Officers for twenty-five years of service to the organization. Longwell was the recipient of the "Dean Shultz Outstanding Service Award." which was presented to him at the association's conference-ending banquet on March 6.

The award recognizes Longwell's long commitment to PASEO.  "Giving tirelessly of himself to increase the professionalism of the members and the effectiveness of the Association, Gil has distinguished himself among the community of SEOs."

Presenting the award was past president Tom Bowes who remembered Longwell's keynote address at the Association's first conference.  "Gil spoke of the need for SEOs to behave as professionals in all they do. Gil has displayed that high level of professionalism in all he has done for and with the association.  We appreciate our long-term relationship with him. I am honored to present him with this award."

About the Award
Named  in honor of SEO #1, Dean Shultz, this award may be presented annually to an SEO who has demonstrated sustained commitment to the Association and advanced its work. While Dean was SEO #1, it was not the number, but his actions that set him apart.

From the earliest days of Act 537, Dean spoke out for programs to educate and enhance SEO’ skill levels. Dean served on the State Board for the Certification of Sewage Enforcement Officers for 35 years.  He played a key role in the formation of PASEO and was a tireless advocate for SEOs in his dealing both official and unofficial with the Department.  Future recipients will exemplify these attributes.

New Opportunities
Since leaving his role as PASEO’s Administrator, Longwell has established the Onsite Institute (OnsiteInstitute.com). Longwell says that “All of the Institute’s efforts are built upon two foundation principals – ‘Everything Begins With Understanding' and 'Without O+M+M, Failure is Assured.’” 

The Institute provides quality education to homeowners, businesses and onsite professionals (installers, pumpers, O+M+M providers and regulators) regarding all onsite issues. The Institute also assists manufacturers introduce new technologies to regulators, permitting entities and consumers. He is actively presenting two Greenovative Technologies organic additives to pumpers and grease trap maintenance providers and their owners.

Longwell says that, “Delivering the cleanest effluent to the absorption area is, by far, the most important thing you can do for your system. Best of all, it is relatively easy to do!”

He looks forward to a continued relationship with Cole Publications contributing articles on a wide range of topics for Onsite Installer, Municipal Sewer and Water, and Pumper magazines.




Cesspools Besmirched and Smeared

In an online opinion piece, Lowman Henry, chairman & CEO of the Harrisburg-based Lincoln Institute wrote this about corrupt polliticians, "Adding further to the cesspool of corruption is the fact that those charged and convicted were not low-level staffers or even back-benchers in their respective chambers. They were state leaders."


In a single sentence Henry has besmirched and smeared the reputation of cesspools with out justification.  Elected official corruption is inappropriately linked to a sewage treatment technology! It is not often that the merits of a cesspool are touted.  Usually, the cesspool is the subjet of ridicule and innuendo, but not because it is an accommodation for elected officials.  Well, enough is enough!

Yes, there is corruption in the PA General Assembly (syn - a vague and imprecise motley crew)

Yes, the populous is a great equalizer typically electing individuals most reflective of their values and standards.

Yes, we can do better if we could only find a higher caliber of candidate willing to do what is right for the greater good.


It is completely unacceptable to suggest that there is a parallel between cesspools and corrupt politicians.

Although an environment in which rational individuals would not be caught dead,


CESSPOOLS perform useful and beneficial tasks –

try saying that about corrupt politicians!



Colleagues have offered these comments:

     •   "I believe most cesspools are much more functional than our government."

     •   "Please schedule a thorough tank pumping and cleaning in November!"

     •   "Written by someone who does not recognize good sanitation"


Proposed Regulation Delayed

On April 4, 2012, after acknowledging an unanticipated three-day delay, DEP published the following "Notice of Proposed Rule Making"



Pennsylvania Code

Title 25

Chapter 285 (Municipal Waste)




285.2.2 (H) Fan Dispersal 


Fan dispersal is a process through which biosolids (sewage sludge) is transformed into a uniform fluid-like material for disinfection and distribution.


The process is initiated with a period of intense physical agitation and primary particle size reduction of the semi-liquid biosolids. This is is achieved by a variety of nonproprietary devices which either pass through the biosolids or which the material is passed by so that rotating blades chop the material into particles no fewer than 98% of which will pass through a .5 mm sieve.


During this process sufficient lime shall be added to achieve and maintain a Ph of < 4.0 for no less than 45 minutes.


When testing documents these conditions are met, the material shall be delivered through a network of permanently installed piping so that the resultant liquid is projected at a velocity of 12-16 fps against a set of counter rotating blades from a distance no less than 10 feet from the plane of the blades’ rotation.  The blades must  maintain at least  125 RPM. (+/- 3%)  



No portion of the perimeter of the blades’ tips’ arc of travel shall be obstructed within a distance of 10 feet of said arc's plane.  Other than the delivery nozzle, no other obstruction shall be within 10 feet of the blades plane of rotation and in the blades’ field of throw.


No further particle size reduction shall be attributed to the impact of the liquid with the counter rotating blades although such reduction is likely to occur. 


After being dispersed to the approved land application site by the attraction of gravity, aerobic digestion and natural drying shall occur.



This regulation’s limit of effect terminates when the shit hits the fan.




This is a belated April Fools joke.