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About the Institute's Principal

For more than thirty-five years, Gil Longwell (shown at left when he had more hair) has been involved in the onsite community as a site evaluator, inspector, regulator, designer, course developer, peer trainer, and problem solver.


Gil served on the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) Sewage Advisory Committee for thirteen years and chaired SAC for two years.  He has helped write both sewage law and regulations at the Pennsylvania state level, and at the municipal level as well. Gil is a PA DEP Certified Sewage Enforcement Officer (#680),  a DEP Certified Environmental Trainer. The Onsite Institute, a component of Meeting With Success! LLC, is a DEP approved training provider.

A respected writer in the national onsite community, his work can be seen in the pages of Pumper, Onsite Installer and Municipal Sewer and Water magazines.  He has addressed thousands of individuals in venues from Maine to Maryland to Nevada and all across his home state of Pennsylvania, speaking on a variety of technology and public policy issues.

As a municipal consultant, he guided the elected officials in one central Pennsylvania municipality through the development of public policy and subsequent implementation of a mandatory onsite system management ordinance. The fact that 100% compliance was achieved without a single prosecution is testament to the effective public involvement aspects he imbued in this project.

When others throw up their hands, Longwell often gets the call to solve the problem.

He has played an instrumental role in introducing emerging onsite technologies into the Pennsylvania regulatory scheme.

Gil maintains an extensive network in the local, state and national onsite communities and can reach out to get the knowledge and information you may need.  "I learned a long time ago that it is not important to know everything. Rather, it is essential to know where to go to access the information you need." 


Peer Recognition – "The Finest Compliment A Professional Can Receive"

“Gil, you are one of a select few persons in Pennsylvania who knows how to bring the SEO and, when appropriate, DEP together to work with the property owner to find solutions to problems that others run away from.”

D. Mowery, SEO